Journal Article 看護大学生の生活習慣と身体的・精神的健康状態と状態・特性不安の関連:大学生の学年別と性別の比較

後藤,満津子  ,  石﨑,文子  ,  村木,士郎  ,  重富,勇  ,  中井,芙美子  ,  稲田,有紀  ,  小泉,千恵子  ,  滝口,里美

The present study involving 203 first- and second-year nursing college students aimed to examine their lifestyles,“state and trait anxieties”(using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory: STAI), and physical and psychological health conditions (using the Cornell Medical Index: CMI), as well as analyze their relationships. Regarding the relationships among the lifestyles of college students, their anxieties, andhealth conditions, there was a significant correlation between their sleep states and exercise habits. Approximately 44.8% of the students had problems associated with their sleep habits. The students whohad developed favorable sleep habits received low CMI scores related to subjective physical and psychological symptoms. Female students received higher mean scores in all items of the CMI than males. The total mean scores for the following items related to subjective psychological symptoms: “maladaptation”, “depression”, “anxiety”, and “tension”, received by second-year students were significantly higher than the scores of first-year students. The total mean scores for other items received by second-year students were also higher than the scores of first-year students. Neurotic students had not developed exercise habits. The results suggest that it is necessary to implement health education to help students maintain healthy lifestyles, and provide appropriate support for students of each school-year while taking into consideration the characteristics of both male and female students. There were differences in scores received by students of different school years because they experienced different problems in each academic year.

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