Journal Article 看護大学における小児看護学実習の指導方法の検討 : 重症心身障害児施設見学実習での学習内容の分析

藤原,理恵子  ,  今村,美幸  ,  上野,瞳  ,  山田,雅代  ,  弓取,由美

The objectives of this study are to analyze what the students learned from the study visit to institutions for people with severe motor and intellectual disabilities (“severe people” hereafter) and to examine future methods for pediatric nursing theory study.Based on qualitative analysis of student reports after the study visit, six categories were identified: understanding of characteristics of severe people; understanding of living environment of severe people; relation with severe people; nursing support to severe people; nursing support for family members; and development of views on nursing.Through analysis of descriptions, it was suggested that students were likely to have a strong impression of what they observed firsthand when the guide provided an explanation. It is necessary for faculty members and guides to give educational approaches to students so that students can reflect and learn consciously from what they observed and provided explanations. In addition, it is important to investigate practical methods that allow students to have firsthand contact with severe people and family members and enable them to learn from those experiences.

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