Journal Article 女子学生の性意識・性行動に着目して : 大学における「セクソロジー」の授業の効果


 This study aims to identify the significance of “sexology” in the university curriculum and changes in sexual consciousness and behavior among female university students. As a result of holding an interactive class on sexology, I identified the following factors: (1) The classes helped the students acquire scientific knowledge on sexuality and recognize the importance of independently protecting one’s mind and body. Moreover,such knowledge helped them understand the importance of respecting other people’s feelings. (2) Learning accurate terminology and views of sexuality helped the students express their feelings more clearly. (3) During the class, the students asked themselves the question “How do I want to live my life?”. (4) The class helped the students realize that even those without gender bias in housework or the workplace may have gender bias in sexual situations, regardless of their sex.  These results suggest the effectiveness of providing classes on Sexology at universities.

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