Journal Article 特別支援学校教員の養成段階における 性教育の専門性向上に関する検討:大学教員を対象としたアンケート調査の結果より


In this study, I clarified the present conditions that how improvement of teacher specialization of sexuality education for children with disabilities was planned in a teacher training stage. In addition, I showed the result of the investigation that I carried out for the purpose of feeling the direction of the future development. As a result, with teacher specialization about sexuality education, I pointed out that I was based on the general teacher specialization. And I pointed out that it was wiping off of the prejudice for the nature, judgment for sexuality education if the mind to sexual impulse of teacher oneself included it. With that in mind, I pointed out that at first what I conveyed about sexual impulse that was the central concept of “the way of thinking of sexuality education” for a teacher training stage was ecessary. In addition, therefore I pointed out that a review of the whole teacher’s license system was necessary. I put it together and pointed out that the expanse of the theory study on sexuality education for children with disabilities, deepening were necessary. Furthermore, I pointed out that knowledge of university teachers oneself, deepening of the understanding were necessary.

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