Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本のアナルコ=サンディカリズム運動と「大連流刑囚コミューン」 : 亡命ロシア人ニコライ・ペトロフ=パヴロフの回想
Anarchists movement in Japan and "Dalian political prisoners' commune" : the reminiscences of a Russian exile, Nicholas Petrov-Pavlov

山本, 健三  ,  Kenso, YAMAMOTO

This work is an analysis on the reminiscences of a Russian exile, anarcho-syndicalist Nicholas Petrov-Pavlov about the history of Japanese social movement and the Dalian Political Prisoners' Commune, which was organized by him. Needless to say, these documents have to be exposed to source criticism. However, it is obvious they have unique and well-unknown contents possible to pave the way for the deepening of studies on the history of Japanese and East Asian social movements.

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