Departmental Bulletin Paper 最近の朝鮮民主主義人民共和国の歴史学学会の研究動向と成果について
Research trends and results of historical society in Democratic People's Republic of Korea

黄, 明哲  ,  Myong Chol, HWAN

We demonstrate the state of the art review in the current research activities conducted by the Institute of History, the Academy of Social Science, and other academic associations of Korean history in the DPRK. Their current academic achievements are threefold: First, some research has been accomplished to grasp comprehensively history of half of ten thousand years of Koreans in a systematic manner. They show a huge progress in elucidating the origination of Korean history. The Historical Series of Fields of Korean History and Periodization in History of Korea were published, which gave readers wider knowledge on national history as well as helped Korean people to implant national pride and self-confidence. Secondly, new results were made in research on the Ancient and the Medieval Ages such as Gojoseon, Goguryeo, and Goryeo. Deepened especially were research on Chunson, the thought of the descendants of Heaven, research on the heliolatry in Korea as well as studies on the fields of history in the Goguryeo era. One of the most important findings was a new discovery that the metal type pieces which were excavated in the Kaesong Manwoldae site were created during the Goguryeo era. Thirdly, research projects were vigorously conducted to unravel more widely the history of the Japanese invasion and colonization of the Korean Peninsula. These research projects produced a series of results in an academic program to restore the traditional Korean Standard Time, a proof of the atom bomb development based on evidence and studies on the issue of Japanese ashes which exist in Korea. Historical Associations in the DPRK will brighten Korean nation's history and deepen research for the purpose of academically dealing with fabrication of Korean history from now on.

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