Departmental Bulletin Paper 20世紀初頭、ロシア地方部の社会生活における極東と日本 : カザン県を事例に
The Far East and Japan in the social life of the province of Russia in the early 20th century : the case of Kazan province

ガブドゥラフィコヴァ, リリヤ  ,  櫻間, 瑛 (翻訳)  ,  Liliya, GABDRAFIKOVA  ,  Akira, SAKURAMA

Subject article is the relationship the Russian province towards the Far East and Japan. There are two periods: before the Russian-Japanese War and after its end. There was chauvinistic opinions about Japan in Russia and West, but, with it, was else an idealized image of Japan. Liberals evaluated Meiji reforms as an example of successful modernization and progress. The interest of ordinary people to Japanese culture was used extensively by entrepreneurs. The article gives examples of commercial projects with participation of Japanese in Russia. A separate story of the research is the fate of the Orthodox missionary Koosuke Nakamura, who lived in Kazan on the eve of the World War I.

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