Journal Article One-pot synthesis of highly dispersible fluorescent nanodiamonds for bioconjugation

Terada, Daiki  ,  Sotoma, Shingo  ,  原田, 慶恵  ,  五十嵐, 龍治  ,  白川, 昌宏

2018-07 , ACS publications
Fluorescent nanodiamonds (FNDs) have been attracting much attention as promising therapeutic agents and probes for bioimaging and nanosensing. For their biological applications, several hydrophilizing methods to enhance FND colloidal stability have been developed to suppress their aggregation and the nonspecific adsorption to biomolecules in complex biomedical environments. However, these methods involve several complicated synthetic and purification steps, which prohibit the use of FNDs for bioapplications by biologists. In this study, we describe a simple one-pot FND hydrophilization method that comprises coating of the surface of the nanoparticles with COOH-terminated hyperbranched polyglycerol (HPG-COOH). HPG-COOH-coated FNDs (FND-HPG-COOHs) were found to exhibit excellent dispersibility under physiological conditions despite the thinness of 5-nm HPG-COOH layer. Biotinylated FND-HPG-COOHs specifically captured avidin molecules in the absence of nonspecific protein adsorption. Moreover, we demonstrated that FND-HPG-COOHs conjugated with antibodies can be used to selectively target integrins in fixed HeLa cells. In addition, intracellular temperature changes were measured via optically detected magnetic resonance using FND-HPG-COOHs conjugated with mitochondrial localization signal peptides. Our one-pot synthetic method will encourage the broad use of FNDs among molecular and cellular biologists, and pave the way for extensive biological and biomedical applications of FNDs.

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