Journal Article Nitrogen-Containing Fabric Adsorbents Prepared by Radiation Grafting for Removal of Chromium from Wastewater

林, 菜月  ,  陳, 進華  ,  瀬古, 典明

10 ( 7 )  , pp.744(1) - 744(14) , 2018-07 , MDPI
To remove chromium from wastewater effectively, two types of nitrogen-containing fabric adsorbents, having amidoxime ligand groups and quaternary ammonium anion exchange groups, respectively, were prepared by radiation grafting. The amidoxime adsorbent reached a high amidoxime density of 4.53 mmol/g. On the other hand, the ammonium adsorbent reaches a high ammonium density of 3.51 mmol/g. The chromium removal was tested in both batch and column modes. It has been confirmed that the chromium removal was largely dependent on the pH of the solution. At pH 5.0, the amidoxime adsorbent showes a high Cr(III) adsorption capacity of 31.68 mg/g, while the ammonium adsorbent showes a much higher Cr(VI) adsorption capacity of 130.65 mg/g.

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