Journal Article Collimated gamma rays from laser wakefield accelerated electrons

M.H.Li  ,  L.M.Chen  ,  Li, Dazhang  ,  黄, 開  ,  Li, Yifei  ,  Ma, Yong  ,  Yan, Wenchao  ,  Tao, Mengze  ,  Tan, Junhao  ,  Sheng, Zhengming  ,  Zhang, Jie

3 ( 4 )  , pp.188 - 196 , 2018-07 , Elsevier
Betatron radiation from laser wakefield accelerated electrons and X-rays scattered off a counter-propagating relativistic electron bunch arecollimated and hold the potential to extend the energy range to hard X-ray or gamma ray band. The peak brightness of these incoherent radiationscould reach the level of the brightest synchrotron light sources in the world due to their femtosecond pulse duration and source sizedown to a few micrometers. In this article, the principle and properties of these radiation sources are briefly reviewed and compared. Then wepresent our recent progress in betatron radiation enhancement in the perspective of both photon energy and photon number. The enhancement istriggered by using a clustering gas target, arousing a second injection of a fiercely oscillating electron bunch with large charge or stimulating aresonantly enhanced oscillation of the ionization injected electrons. By adopting these methods, bright photon source with energy over 100 keVis generated which would greatly impact applications such as nuclear physics, diagnostic radiology, laboratory astrophysics and high-energydensity science.

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