Presentation A comprehensive study on electrically floating PET insert for efficient RF penetrability at 3 T MRI system

Shahadat Hossain Akram, Md  ,  Craig, Levin  ,  Obata, Takayuki  ,  Hirumi, Genki  ,  Yamaya, Taiga

A comprehensive experimental study has been conducted on the geometrical aspects of electrically floating radio frequency (RF) penetrable PET inserts to improve the RF penetration efficiency for acceptable MR imaging performance. Several one ring and two ring PET insert prototypes were used to do experiments in a 700-mm bore diameter 3 T clinical MRI system with a homogeneous cylindrical phantom. Study results provide guidance for optimized PET ring design for efficient RF field penetration inside the shielded ring.
ISMRM 2018 Annual Meeting

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