Presentation Branching ratio control of Coulomb explosion of OCS by two-color laser fields

遠藤, 友随  ,  Ibrahim, Heide  ,  François, Légaré

Coulomb explosion of OCS in phase-locked two-color laser fields has been investigated by coincidence momentum imaging technique. Clear oscillatory behaviors depending on the relative phase of two-color laser fields were observed, showing O+ and CO+ were preferentially ejected to the same direction with respect to the laser polarization direction. In addition, branching ratio between two dissociation channels (O+ + CS+ / OC+ + S+) also depends on the relative phase. This indicates that the fragment ejection direction of polar molecules is mainly determined by an ionization step, but post-ionization interaction plays important role to control dissociation processes.
34th Symposium on Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics (SCKD34)

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