Presentation Molecular frame photoelectron angular distribution of multichannel dissociative ionization of ethanol in a circularly-polarized intense laser field

赤木, 浩  ,  乙部, 智仁  ,  板倉, 隆二

We experimentally derive MFPAD of dissociative ionization channels of ethanol in a circularly polarized intense laser field. The laser field singly ionizes an unaligned ethanol molecule. We detect an electron and a fragment ion in coincidence to measure the angle between their recoil vectors. The MFPAD of the CH2OH+ production channel shows the enhancement toward the CH3 side of CH3CH2OH, while the MFPAD of the CH3CH2+ production channel is almost isotropic. Comparing with our DFT calculated MFPADs, we identify the electronic states of CH3CH2OH+ prepared at the moment of ionization for the dissociative channels.
34th Symposium on Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics

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