Journal Article Relativisitcally upshifted higher harmonic generation via relativistic flying mirrors

コーガ, ジェームズ  ,  ブラノフ, セルゲイ  ,  エシロケポフ, ティムル  ,  神門, 正城  ,  S. Bulanov, Stepan  ,  ピロジコフ, アレキサンダー

60 ( 7 )  , pp.074007-1 - 074007-8 , 2018-07 , Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
We have previously shown that laser light can be upshifted to higher frequencies by its reflection off relativistically moving mirrors in plasma. These mirrors were generated with ultra-high intensity laser pulses. However, the laser light which was reflected off the mirrors had relatively low intensity. We show via simulations that even high intensity light can be reflected off the mirrors and that this can generate relativistically upshifted harmonics.

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