Presentation Improvement study on heat resistance of multilayer-coated replica gratings

今園, 孝志  ,  西原弘晃  ,  浮田龍一  ,  笹井浩行  ,  長野哲也

We have been developed aperiodic W/B4C multilayer-coated replica gratings for use in the tender x-ray range 2 to 4 keV. Recently, it became apparent that surface degradation was caused by baking the multilayer gratings at around 60°C. The multilayer structure has been maintained well, whereas the resin surface in which grooves are formed has been significantly deformed. Such degradation has not been observed in conventional gold-coated replica gratings as far as we know. Replica gratings made with a high glass transition temperature resin were prototyped so as to improve heat resistance of multilayer-coated replica gratings. Diffraction efficiencies before and after heat load at 95°C for 60 hours were measured. The fact that the difference in change rate between the peak values was quite slight being less than 3% indicates that the heat resistance has been improved by 30°C.
13th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (SRI2018)

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