Presentation Validation of the traceability of radon and thoron facilities among Asian countries

ミロソラフ, ヤニック

The traceability plays an important role in the quality control systems for any measurement. The desire to improve of it as well as harmonize of radon and thoron measurements in air around the world has been lastly increasing because radon and thoron activity concentrations in air measured with different radon and thoron monitors in the same environment were found to be inconsistent with each other. The aim of this work is to validate the traceability of the existing radon and thoron facilities located in four Asian countries (China, India, Japan, Thailand) for values ranging from 500 Bq/m3 to 5000 Bq/m3 and 4000 Bq/m3 to 10 000 Bq/m3, for radon and thoron, respectively. In this project, a comparison among five facilities is performed using one reference device for radon and one for thoron. The radon reference device calibrated with the secondary radon standard traceable to PTB (Germany), NIST (USA) and NPL (UK) to be exposed in participants’ radon facilities for a comparison with their reference monitor. The thoron passive reference device have been checked in the NIRS thoron chamber, and is exposed in the participants’ thoron chambers for a comparison with their reference devices.As a result, a comparison reference value and its uncertainty have been derived for each activity concentration. Finally, bias and degrees of equivalence between laboratories have been statistically analysed and presented.
AOCRP 5 (5th Asian & Oceanic IRPA Regional Congress on Radiation Protection) における発表

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