Journal Article ERL-based Laser-Compton Scattering X-ray source for X-ray Imaging

Kosuge, A.  ,  Akagi, A.  ,  Honda, Y.  ,  Araki, S.  ,  Urakawa, J.  ,  Terunuma, T.  ,  Nagai, R.  ,  Shizuma, T.  ,  Mori, M.  ,  Hajima, R.

Nowadays, the generation of high brightness X-rays via laser-Compton scattering (LCS) of laser photons stored in an optical cavity by a relativistic electron beam is expected for many scientific and industrial applications such as X-ray imaging. For the demonstration of the LCS X-ray generation, it is necessary to develop a high average power laser system. The construction of compact Energy Recovery Linac (cERL) is also now in progress at KEK to generate low-emittance and high-current electron beams. In this presentation, we will show the results of the LCS X-ray generation and the X-ray imaging.

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