Journal Article In Situ Characterization of XFEL Beam Intensity Distribution and Focusability by High-Resolution LiF Crystal Detector

A. Pikuz, T.  ,  Ya. Faenov, A.  ,  Matsuoka, T.  ,  Albertazzi, B.  ,  Ozaki, N.  ,  Hartely, N.  ,  Muray Ricardo Arturo, O.  ,  Yabuuchi, T.  ,  Habara, H.  ,  Matsuyama, S.  ,  Yamauchi, K.  ,  Inubushi, Y.  ,  Togashi, T.  ,  yumoto, H.  ,  Tange, Y.  ,  Tono, K.  ,  Sato, Y.  ,  Yabashi, M.  ,  錦野, 将元  ,  河内, 哲哉  ,  Mitrofanov, A.  ,  A. Pikuz, S.  ,  Bleiner, D.  ,  A., Grum-Grzhimailo  ,  N. Rosanov, N.  ,  V. Vysotina, N.  ,  Harmand, M.  ,  Koenig, M.  ,  A. Tanaka, K.  ,  Ishikawa, T.

We present here a new diagnostics based on using LiF crystal detectors that are able to perform measurements an intensity distribution of X-rays beams with diameters ranging from some microns up to some centimeters with high spatial resolution (~1 micron). in situ, 3D visualization of SACLA XFEL focused beam profile along propagation, including propagation inside photoluminescence solid materials, is demonstrated.

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