Journal Article Laser-Induced Damage on Silica Glasses by Irradiation of Soft X-Ray Laser Pulse

三上, 勝大  ,  石野, 雅彦  ,  タンフン, ヂン  ,  山本, 洋一  ,  長谷川, 登  ,  錦野, 将元  ,  河内, 哲哉  ,  本越, 伸二  ,  實野, 孝久

Laser-induced damage thresholds (LIDTs) on silica glass was evaluated with soft X-ray laser (SXRL) pulses. Silica glass is one of the most useful materials for near-infrared and visible laser systems. The high-photon energy of the SXRL would have great potential to study the laser-induced damage mechanisms. The LIDTs on silica glass measured by 13.9-nm, 7-ps SXRL pulses were several dozen of mJ/cm2 as the experimental results.The damage morphologies are estimated by a simple 1D calculation.

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