Journal Article Achieving Laser Wakefield Accelerated Electron Beams of Low Enough Energy Spread for an X-FEL

コーガ, ジェームズ  ,  ブラノフ, セルゲイ  ,  エシロケポフ, ティムル  ,  神門, 正城

202pp.117 - 120 , 2018-03 , Springer, Cham
We describe a method to obtain sufficiently low energy spread laser wakefield accelerated electron beams for injection into a conventional undulator and free electron lasing. By using two laser pulses: a moderate power laser to inject and accelerate electrons via its wakefield to moderate energies and a second more powerful laser pulse to generate another wakefield further accelerating them to 1 GeV, and properly matching the acceleration stages an energy spread of 0.2% is possible, leading to the realization of a compact X-ray free electron laser

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