Journal Article Design and Testing of Crowbar Protection System for the JT- 60SA Superconducting Magnet Power Supplies

Zito, Pietro.  ,  Lampasi, Alessandro.  ,  O.Baulaigue  ,  S.Gharafi  ,  Novello, Luca  ,  Matsukawa, Makoto  ,  島田, 勝弘  ,  F.Fasce  ,  M.Portesine  ,  A.Dorronsoro  ,  D.Vian  ,  K.Celaya  ,  B.Eikelboom

JT-60SA is a Superconducting Tokamak in the framework of the Broader Approach Agreement (BAA) between Europe and Japan. For this International Project, both the Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) and the French Alternative Energies and Comissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies alternatives (CEA) have to provide overall twelve AC/DC pulse poloidal superconducting magnet power supplies (almost all rated for ±20 kA and ±1 kV). Each of them is equipped with a crowbar protection system. The crowbar system’s first function is to carry the current that is flowing through the superconducting coils and protects the AC/DC power converter from over-voltages, internal/external severe faults and in case of earthquakes. The current capability type test of crowbar system required a maximum peak current of ±26 kA and a maximum specific energy I2t = 4,6 GA2s for TF SCMPS. Finally the crowbar system and DC bus-bars were subjected to seismic tests in laboratory.

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