Journal Article Dirac Cone Spin Polarization of Graphene by Magnetic Insulator Proximity Effect Probed with Outermost Surface Spin Spectroscopy

境, 誠司  ,  V. Erohin, S.  ,  I. Popov, Z.  ,  白, 怜士  ,  渡邉, 貴弘  ,  Yamada, Y.  ,  圓谷, 志郎  ,  李, 松田  ,  アヴラモフ, パベル  ,  楢本, 洋  ,  Ando, K.  ,  パベル, ソロキン  ,  山内, 泰

28 ( 20 )  , pp.1800462(1) - 1800462(10) , 2018-05
The effects of the proximity contact with magnetic insulator on the spin-dependent electronic structure of graphene are explored for the heterostructure of single layer graphene (SLG) and yttrium iron garnet Y3Fe5O12 (YIG) by means of outermost surface spin spectroscopy using a spin-polarized metastable He atom beam. In the SLG/YIG heterostructure, the Dirac cone electrons of graphene are found to be negatively spin-polarized in parallel to the minority spins of YIG with a large polarization degree, without giving rise to significant changes in the  band structure. Theoretical calculations reveal the electrostatic interfacial interactions providing a strong physical adhesion and the indirect exchange interaction causing the spin polarization of SLG at the interface with YIG. The Hall device of the SLG/YIG heterostructure exhibits a nonlinear Hall resistance attributable to the anomalous Hall effect, implying the extrinsic spin-orbit interactions as another manifestation of the proximity effect.

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