Presentation Performance of High energetic X-ray detector by using X-ray generator

林, 由紀雄  ,  小瀧, 秀行  ,  中新, 信彦  ,  黄, 開  ,  森, 道昭  ,  神門, 正城

The application of high-energetic laser-plasma electrons is one of the hot topics in high field science. Our group has a plan to generate 1 keV monochromatic X-rays by injection of the laser-plasma electrons into very short period undulator. In addition, we will measure the energy spectrum of betatron X-rays generated by electron plasma interaction. The Laue type spectrometer with Ge (220) crystal was already prepared for measurement of betatron X-rays. The X-ray energy from 30 to 100 keV is measureable with the spectrometer. Recently, the spectrometer was tested with an X-ray generator (W target). In this conference, we will explain the results of this experiment in detail.
International Conference on High Energy Density Science 2018

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