Journal Article Thrust generation experiments on microwave rocket with a beam concentrator for long distance wireless power feeding

福成, 雅史  ,  山口, 敏和  ,  中村, 祐介  ,  小紫, 公也  ,  小田, 靖久  ,  梶原, 健  ,  高橋, 幸司  ,  坂本, 慶司

145pp.263 - 267 , 2018-03
Experiments using a 1 MW-class gyrotron were conducted to examine a beamed energy propulsion rocket, a microwave rocket with a beam concentrator for long-distance wireless power feeding. The incident beam is transmitted from a beam transmission mirror system. The beam transmission mirror system expands the incident beam diameter to 240 mm to extend the Rayleigh length. The beam concentrator receives the beam and guides it into a 56-mm-diameter cylindrical thruster tube. Plasma ignition and ionization front propagation in the thruster were observed through an acrylic window using a fast-framing camera. Atmospheric air was used as a propellant. Thrust generation was achieved with the beam concentrator. The maximum thrust impulse was estimated as 71 mN s/pulse from a pressure history at the thrust wall at the input energy of 638 J/pulse. The corresponding momentum coupling coefficient, Cm was inferred as 204 N/MW.

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