Presentation Acceleration of ambient gas ions and establishment of a kinetic equilibrium in boundary layers created by a Coulomb explosion of a cluster

松井, 隆太郎

The dynamics of a boundary layer, created in between two distinct collisionless plasmas is studied with 2D particle-in-cell simulations, and is found to be essentially described by three processes. At the early interaction stage, a collisionless electrostatic shock wave, launched near the Coulomb explosion front, reflects the ambient gas ions at a contact surface as a moving wall.At the later stage, the contact surface disappears and an overlapping region between the Coulomb explosion front and the compressed surface is formed and another type of nonlinear wave, which continues to reflect the ambient gas ions, is evolved. Finally, a rarefaction wave is found to be triggered at the compressed surface with the result that the ambient gas ions pass over the potential of the bipolar electric field and the reflection of ambient gas ions is terminated.
JIFT Japan-US workshop

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