Journal Article Coherent detection of THz-induced sideband emission from excitons in the nonperturbative regime

Uchida, K.  ,  乙部, 智仁  ,  Mochizuki, T.  ,  Kim, C.  ,  Yoshita, M.  ,  Tanaka, K.  ,  Akiyama, H.  ,  N. Pfeiffer, L.  ,  W. West, K.  ,  Hirori, H.

97pp.165122-1 - 165122-7 , 2018-04 , アメリカ物理学会
Nonlinear interaction of terahertz (THz) waves with excitons induces interesting optical effects such as Rabi splitting and high-order sideband generation. Here, we investigated the coherent properties of the THz-induced sideband emissions from GaAs/AlGaAs multi-quantum-wells, and determined the optical susceptibility of the THz dressed exciton in the nonperturbative regime. The strong dependences of both amplitude and phase of the second-order sideband emission on the THz electric field strength imply that the field ionization of the 1s exciton modifies the THz-dressed exciton's energy spectrum.

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