Journal Article The interface between platinum nanoparticle catalysts and an Ar⁠+-irradiated carbon support

垣谷, 健太  ,  木全, 哲也  ,  八巻, 徹也  ,  山本, 春也  ,  田口, 富嗣  ,  小林, 知洋  ,  毛, 偉  ,  寺井, 隆幸

A glassy carbon (GC) substrate was irradiated with 380 keV argon ions (Ar+), and platinum nanoparticles (Pt NPs) were then deposited on it by a radio-frequency magnetron sputtering method. The interfacial effect of the Ar+-induced defects in the GC substrate on the size and electronic structure of the Pt NPs was investigated. The irradiation defects in the carbon support promoted the growth of the Pt NPs on the substrate, leading to a larger NP size. Density functional theory calculations revealed that the lattice vacancies in the graphitic structure lowered the position of the Pt d-band center via the interfacial charge transfer. This down-shift in the d-band center would be a reason for the higher catalytic activity, which was reported in our previous research.

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