Journal Article Type Tests of JT-60SA Central Solenoid / Equilibrium Field (CS/EF) Super-Conducting Magnet Power Supplies

Zito, Pietro  ,  Lampasi, Alessandro  ,  Novello, Luca  ,  Matsukawa, Makoto  ,  Shimada, Katsuhiro  ,  Hatakeyama, Shoichi  ,  Portesine, Marco  ,  Dorronsoro, Ander  ,  Vian, Dionisio  ,  Celaya, Koldo

JT-60SA is a superconducting tokamak in theframework of the broader approach agreement between Europeand Japan. For this international project among its various procurements,the Italian National Agency for new technology energyand sustainable economic development (ENEA) is providing fourac/dc converters for the central solenoid (CS) superconductingmagnets, two ac/dc converters for the equilibrium field (EF)superconducting magnets, and two ac/dc converters for the fastplasma position control coils (FPPCC). Furthermore, ENEA isalso providing six converter transformers of which four areof the dry type for FPPCC power supplies (PSs) and two ofoil type for CS PSs. CS/EF PSs feed poloidal superconductingmagnets of JT-60SA, whose purpose is the generation of strongmagnetic fields able to induce and confine the plasma currentin a prefixed geometrical configuration. The control systemof CS/EF PSs has to be able to reproduce in real-time areference current or voltage profile, known as “scenario” andthese are particularly critical in these systems for the highcurrents required and for the high magnetic energy stored in thesuperconducting magnets. All performed type tests, carried outin accordance to the IEC60146 Standards, pointed toward a gooddynamic behavior of the control system both for forward and forreverse rectifier bridges, assuring the smooth transitions betweendifferent operating modes: single mode, circulating current modeand dual mode. This is the focus of this paper.

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