Presentation R&D and preparation of ECH/CD system for JT-60SA

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An Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive (ECH/CD) system is one of the essential tools in JT-60SA (Super Advanced). It will be used for many experimental purposes such as localized electron heating and current drive, stabilization of instabilities, plasma start-up assist and wall cleaning. The maximum heating power of 7 MW for the pulse duration of 100 s will be provided by means of 9 units of gyrotrons (1 MW each), 9 units of waveguide transmission lines (transmission efficiency of 75 – 80%) and 4 units of launchers. The gyrotron is featured by a capability of operations at three frequencies of 110 GHz, 138 GHz (1 MW/100 s) and 82 GHz (1 MW/1s) [1]. Toward the successful start of plasma experiments of JT-60SA, which is scheduled in 2020, R&D and preparation of the ECH/CD system components are progressing. In this presentation, R&D results on the ECH/CD launcher and the status on the preparation of the ECH/CD system components such as transmission line, control and power supply are reported.
Japan-Korea Workshop on “Physics and Technology of Heating and Current Drive”

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