Journal Article Tritium analysis of divertor tiles used in JET ITER-like wall campaigns by means of β-ray induced x-ray spectrometry

Hatano, Y.  ,  Yumizuru, K.  ,  Koivuranta, S.  ,  Likonen, J.  ,  Hara, M.  ,  Matsuyama, M.  ,  Masuzaki, S.  ,  Tokitani, M.  ,  朝倉, 伸幸  ,  磯部, 兼嗣  ,  林, 巧  ,  A., Baron-Wiechec  ,  Widdowson, A.  ,  contributors, JET

2017 ( T170 )  , p.014014 , 2018-03 , IOP Publishing/ Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Energy spectra of β-ray induced x-rays from divertor tiles used in ITER-like wall campaigns of the Joint European Torus were measured to examine tritium (T) penetration into tungsten (W) layers. The penetration depth of T evaluated from the intensity ratio of W(Lα) x-rays to W(Mα) x-rays showed clear correlation with poloidal position; the penetration depth at the upper divertor region reached several micrometers, while that at the lower divertor region was less than 500 nm. The deep penetration at the upper part was ascribed to the implantation of high energy T produced by DD fusion reactions. The poloidal distribution of total x-ray intensity indicated higher T retention in the inboard side than the outboard side of the divertor region.

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