Journal Article Validation of the Dose Distributions with Monte Carlo Simulation for Carbon Ion Cancer Therapy

Ying , CK  ,  Kamil , WA  ,  松藤, 成弘

Charged particle therapy with carbon ions has advantages overconventional radiotherapy using x-raybeams.The application of charged particle therapy has rapidly increased overthelast decades. This is due to its characteristicBragg peak which has relatively low entrance doses and favourable doses distribution. In this research work, Geant4 based Monte Carlo simulation (MC) method has been used to calculate the radiation transportation and dose distributions in tissue-like media. The main objectiveof the workwasto compare the Geant4 simulated depth dose distributionswith experimental measurements and verifythe capability of the geant4 simulation toolkit. The carbon ion beams for the therapeutic energy of 350 MeV/u and 400 MeV/u respectively were simulated, with the same settingsas the experimental work carried out at the treatment room at Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator (HIMAC), National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), Chiba, Japan. The simulation results were verified with measurements data. The work was to measurethe accuracy and quality of the dose distributions by Geant4 MC methods. The results show that the Bragg peak and spread out Bragg peak (SOBP) distributions in simulation has fairly good agreement with measurements.

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