Presentation Rapid determination of 90Sr using Thermal ionization mass spectrometer

Kumar SAHOO, Sarata  ,  KAVASI, Norbert  ,  KASAR, Sharayu  ,  ARAE, Hideki  ,  AONO, Tatsuo

A new method for 90Sr analysis has been developed using Isotopx Limited, Phoenix X62 Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS). The 90Sr measurement ability and 90Sr/88Sr isotopic ratio abundance sensitivity of TIMS were tested with gravimetric standards containing 90Sr. TIMS method is rapid in comparison to radiometric method of analysis i.e. Liquid scintillation counter (LSC) method. Further advantage over the radiometric method is the smaller sample size. In case of soil samples, 0.1 to 1 g is required while 1 to 10 ml for water samples could be adequate for 90Sr determination using TIMS. In addition to this, we have determined distribution coefficient (Kd values) of Sr in Fukushima soil-water system to understand the fate of Sr in Fukushima environment.
第4回福島大学環境放射能研究所 成果報告会

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