Article Application of Ferrite Process to Radioactive Waste -Study of Ferrite Product Stability by Micro-PIXE Analysis-

阿部, 智久  ,  嶋崎, 竹二郎  ,  大杉, 武史  ,  山田, 尚人  ,  百合, 庸介  ,  佐藤, 隆博

The chemical toxicity of hazardous metals is as important as the toxicity of radiation in the treatment of radioactive wastes. In this research, we focused on the solidification of the hazardous substances in the ferrite process that can treat various metal elements collectively. Two kinds of ferrite products including Pb or Cr were analyzed using the Micro-PIXE system in TIARA. It was found that the composition of the ferrite depended on the target metal element (Pb or Cr) although the same magnetite structure was formed in both ferrites.

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