Article Handy Determination of Ion-beam Relative Intensity Distribution Based on Gamma-ray Irradiation Response of Gafchromic Films

石坂, 知久  ,  百合, 庸介  ,  上松, 敬  ,  湯山, 貴裕  ,  清藤, 一  ,  奥村, 進

Gafchromic films (Ashland) are applied to the profile measurement of various ion beams. Among several models of Gafchromic films, an HD-V2 film is available to low-energy (short-range) ion beams, since its active layer is not laminated by a surface layer. However, an optical density (OD) response curve of the film to the ion fluence needs to be determined for each ion species and energy because the OD response is generally unproportional to the fluence in a wide fluence range. The calibration of the film (OD vs. fluence) is a time-consuming process. Therefore, we considered the possibility of the handy determination of the ion-beam relative intensity distribution using a 60Co gamma-ray response curve in place of an ion-irradiation response curve. As a result, we have verified that the ion-irradiation response curves can be well fitted to the 60Co gamma-ray response curves within certain OD ranges. From this fact, we have shown that the relative intensity distribution of an ion beam can be determined handily using the gamma-ray response curve in place of the ion-irradiation response curve.

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