Article Molecular Analysis of Carbon and Neon Ion Induced Mutations in Budding Yeast S. cerevisiae

Matuo , Y.  ,  Izumi, Y.  ,  坂本, 綾子  ,  長谷, 純宏  ,  Shimizu, K.

Our research group has been studying ion-beam induced mutations in budding yeast S288c (RAD+), as a model of eukaryote cell. In the study, we further investigated the biological effects of high-LET Neon ion beam on lethality and mutagenicity of yeast cells and compared it with our previous results by carbon ion beam (LET: 13 - 107 keV/μm). The mutation frequency, expressed as a ratio of ura3- cells to total cells, increased and peaked at 100 Gy and decreased thereafter. However, the high-LET neon ion (LET: 317keV/μm) was not significantly effective than high-LET carbon ion (LET: 107keV/μm) on lethality and mutagenicity. This tendency may be related to an "overkill" phenomenon. We are planning to accumulate the associated data, as well as investigating the effect of the ion beam of low LET such as a proton.

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