Journal Article Estimation of Tritium Permeation Rate to Cooling Water in Fusion DEMO Condition

片山, 一成  ,  染谷, 洋二  ,  飛田, 健次  ,  中村, 博文  ,  谷川, 尚  ,  中村, 誠  ,  朝倉, 伸幸  ,  星野, 一生  ,  近田, 拓未  ,  波多野, 雄治  ,  深田, 智

The approximate estimation of tritium permeation rate under the acceptable assumption from a safety point of view is surely useful to progress the design activities for a fusion DEMO reactor. Tritium permeation rates in the blanket and the divertor were estimated by the simplified evaluation model under the recent DEMO conditions in the water-cooled blanket with solid breeder as a first step. Plasma driven permeation rates in tungsten wall were calculated by applying Doyle & Brice model and gas driven permeation rates in F82H were calculated for hydrogen-tritium two component system. In the representative recent DEMO condition, the following tritium permeation rates were obtained, 1.8 g/day in the blanket first wall, 2.3 g/day in the blanket tritium breeding region and 1.6 g/day in the divertor. Total tritium permeation rate into the cooling water was estimated to be 5.7 g/day.

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