Article Screening of rice mutants to sophisticate ion-beam breeding technology for Next Generation Agriculture

大野, 豊  ,  長谷, 純宏  ,  野澤, 樹  ,  佐藤, 勝也

To generate rice mutants with valuable phenotype by ion beams, identify causal genes of the mutants, and provide target DNA sequences for genome editing to agricultural scientific community and to understand property of ion-beam-induced mutations in genomic level, A rice cultiver Nipponbare whose whole genome sequence has been available in public is used in this work. As reported previously, we had grown approximately 2,000 M2 lines generated from the seeds irradiated with 40 Gy of carbon ions (surface LET = 76 keV / μm) and successfully identified several mutant candidates in a green house at TARRI, QST. We also cultivated M2 lines in a paddy field of RBD, NARO (Hitachiomiya, Ibaraki, Japan), selected mutant candidates such as early heading date and dwarf mutants, and harvested their M3 seeds. Then, the M3 lines were grown in the same paddy field. Among them, the mutant phenotype of early heading date was confirmed in 4 lines. Furthermore, all panicles of approximately 1,830 M2 plants grown in the paddy field were individually collected and high-yield mutant candidates were screened by weighing the batch of panicles of each plant.

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