Article Investigation of Conditions to Isolate Non-Urea Producing Gunma Sake Yeasts which are Suitable for Export

Masubuchi, Takashi  ,  佐藤, 勝也  ,  大野, 豊

Japanese sake is traditional liquor fermented from water, rice, and koji by yeast. Recently, export volume of Japanese sake has been gradually increased, because Europeans and Americans recognized Japanese sake as rice wine. Gunma sake yeasts have been bred for producing local sake in Gunma prefecture. However, it is considered that the countries regulating volume of ethyl carbamate, classified the group 2A “probably the cause of cancer” by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in Japanese sake would be also increased. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to reduce the volume of ethyl carbamate in Japanese sake, we attempted to breed Gunma sake yeasts that do not produce urea as a precursor of ethyl carbamate. In this year, we investigated conditions to isolate non-urea producing mutants from Gunma sake yeast KAZE2 by ion-beam irradiation.

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