Article The Lethal Effect of Ion Beams and Gamma Rays on Bacillus subtilis Spores

Huynh Phuong Uyen, Nguyen  ,  Furuta, Masakazu.  ,  佐藤, 勝也  ,  大野, 豊

Bacillus subtilis is known as Gram-positive, rod-shape, aerobic, spore-forming bacterium that is naturally found in soil, the spore is resistant to environmental factors such as heat, desiccation, chemical and radiation. In this study, we investigate lethal effects and relationship between LET and RBE for gamma rays and different LET ion beams on the B. subtilis spores. Dried spores were irradiated four kind of ion beams (4He2+, 12C5+, 20Ne8+ and 40Ar13+) at TIARA or with 60Co gamma rays at Osaka Prefecture University. The spores exhibited sensitivities to gamma rays and ion beams depending on radiation dose. The 12C5+ ion-irradiated spores showed the most sensitive than those of other radiations. And B. subtilis spores exhibited the dependence of LET on RBE. The RBE value of 12C5+ ion beams was 3.03, suggesting that 12C5+ ion beams had the most lethal effects for B. subtilis spores.

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