Article Effect of dnaE2 knockout and overexpression in the radioresistant bacterium Deinococcus grandis

Omoso, Kota  ,  佐藤, 勝也  ,  大野, 豊  ,  Narumi, Issay

The genome analysis revealed that Deinococcus grandis possesses two lexA-imuB-dnaE2 cassettes which are gene clusters related to error-prone DNA repair. In this study, we examined phenotypic changes in sensitivity to UVC and γ-rays in a dnaE2 knockout strain and a dnaE2 overexpression strain compared to wild type strain (WT). We generated dnaE2, located in chromosome II, knockout stain (XDE2) and dnaE2 overexpression strain (OXE2). We initially examined the mutation rates. Then, decrease in mutation rate was observed in XDE2 following UVC irradiation compared to WT, suggesting that dnaE2 is involved in UVC-induced mutagenesis. We next examined sensitivity to UVC. OXE2 exhibited significant resistance to UVC compared to WT and XDE2. These results suggest that DnaE2 is involved in repair of UVC-induced DNA damage in an overexpressed condition.

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