Journal Article The J-KAREN-P facility laser performance status

桐山, 博光  ,  西内, 満美子  ,  ピロジコフ, アレキサンダー  ,  福田, 祐仁  ,  榊, 泰直  ,  匂坂, 明人  ,  ドーバー, ニコラス ピーター  ,  近藤, 康太郎  ,  小倉, 浩一  ,  森, 道昭  ,  宮坂, 泰弘  ,  中新, 信彦  ,  黄, 開  ,  コーガ, ジェームズ  ,  エシロケポフ, ティムル  ,  神門, 正城  ,  近藤, 公伯

The OPCPA/Ti:sapphire hybrid laser system (named J-KAREN-P laser system) is an infrastructure aiming to realize experiments achieving 10^22 W/cm^2 at 0.1 Hz. 63 J broadband pulse energies at 0.1 Hz, 30 fs compressed pulse duration, and ~10^12 contrast on sub-nanosecond time scale have been demonstrated. Ultra-high intensities of 10^22 W/cm^2 by focusing a wave-front corrected 0.3 PW laser beam with an f/1.3 off-axis parabolic mirror can be provided with this system. The fundamental processes of laser-matter interaction at 10^22 W/cm^2 intensities belong to an absolutely new branch of science that will be the principal research task of the infrastructure.

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