Journal Article Dose linearity and LET dependence of Cr-doped Al2O3 ceramic thermaluminescence detector

Koba, Yusuke  ,  Shimomura, Risa  ,  Chang, Weishan  ,  Shinsho, Kiyomitsu  ,  Yanagisawa, Shin  ,  Wakabayashi, Genichro  ,  Matsumoto, Kazuki  ,  Ushiba, Hiroaki  ,  Ando, Takayuki

Cr doped alumina (Al2O3:Cr) ceramic TLD suitable to be a 2D imaging device in radiation therapy. In this work, we investigated the dose linearity in the dose level of radiotherapy and the LET dependence of Al2O3:Cr ceramic TLD using several HCP beams. Al2O3:Cr ceramic TLD had good linearity with the irradiated dose. But it had a large LET dependence and it was difficult to apply to dose measurement in HCP therapy directly. However, the combination of Al2O3:Cr ceramic TLD and Cr non-doped Al2O3 ceramic TLD may be expected to be applied to measurement of LET distribution using these different LET dependence.

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