Journal Article Draft Genome Sequence of the Radioresistant Bacterium Deinococcus aerius TR0125, Isolated from the High Atmosphere above Japan

佐藤, 勝也  ,  Arai, Hiroki  ,  Sanzen, Toshihiko  ,  Kawaguchi, Yuko  ,  Hayashi, Hidenori  ,  Shin-ichi, Yokobori  ,  Yamagishi, Akihiko  ,  大野, 豊  ,  Narumi, Issay

6 ( 9 )  , p.e00080-18 , 2018-03
Members of the genus Deinococcus are the best known as radioresistant bacteria, and about 70 Deinococcus species have been isolated from various environments over 60 years. The whole genome sequences of some Deinococcus bacteria have been determined. These provide important information to elucidate the unique features of Deinococcus bacteria. D. aerius strain TR0125 was initially isolated as an orange-pigmented, non-motile, desiccation tolerant, UV- and gamma-resistant, and coccoid bacterium from the upper troposphere in Japan. We determined the draft genome sequence of D. aerius strain TR0125 and predicted a total of 4,446 coding DNA sequences, 52 tRNAs and 1 rRNA operon, respectively. We suggest that the draft genome sequence of D. aerius strain TR0125 will provide useful genetic information supporting its biochemical features.

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