Journal Article Comparisons of soil pretreatment methods for SF-ICP-MS determination of ultra-trace level Pu in water soluble and exchangeable fractions

Ni, Youyi  ,  Zheng, Jian  ,  Guo, Qiuju  ,  Wang, Hai  ,  Tagami, Keiko  ,  Uchida, Shigeo

In this study, we developed a method to evaluate the potentially bioavailable fraction of Pu in agricultural soils by determining their water soluble and exchangeable fractions with ion-exchange chromatography and sector field ICP-MS measurement. Three commonly used pretreatment methods were compared to process the extracted solutions. Results showed that these three methods were applicable to obtain consistent Pu concentration results; however, considering the experimental performances and recoveries, we recommended that dealing with the extracted solutions with wet-ashing followed by Fe(OH)3 co-precipitation was the best pretreatment method, with which high Pu recoveries for the whole analytical procedure for water soluble fraction (69.8%) and exchangeable fraction (70.6%) were realized.

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