Presentation JT-60SA中心ソレノイドにおける共振現象による導体間電圧の挙動について

藤山, 奨  ,  那須, 京介  ,  目黒, 博嵩  ,  中村, 一也  ,  高尾, 智明  ,  村上, 陽之  ,  夏目, 恭平  ,  木津, 要

The inhomogeneous voltage distribution in the large-scale superconducting magnet is induced by the resonance phenomenon. Hence, it is possible to damage the insulation between conductors in the magnet. In this paper, we created the circuit simulation models of the CS module in JT-60SA. Then, we evaluated the behavior of the voltage between the conductors for the resonance phenomenon caused by the supply voltage in the CS module. As a result of simulations, since there was no voltage rise between the conductors due to the resonance phenomenon, the insulation can’t be damaged less than 5 kHz.
電気学会 金属・セラミックス 超電導機器 合同研究会

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