Presentation Hydraulic characteristics of a quad-pancake coil wound with a Nb3Sn CIC conductor

Obana, Tetsuhiro  ,  Takahata, Kazuya  ,  Hamaguchi, Shinji  ,  Chikaraishi, Hirotaka  ,  Imagawa, Shinsaku  ,  Mito, Toshiyuki  ,  Murakami, Haruyuki  ,  Natsume, Kyohei  ,  Kizu, Kanamae

The hydraulic characteristics of a quad-pancake coil composed of a Nb3Sn cable-in-conduit (CIC) conductor, which is the JT-60SA CS model coil, were examined at cryogenic temperature. The measured relation between the friction factor and the Reynolds number for the quad-pancake coil corresponded to the Katheder correlation equation multiplied by 0.5 in the range between the Reynolds number of 2000 and that of 11000. In the coil energization, electro-magnetic forces affected the hydraulic characteristics of the quad-pancake coil.
26th International Toki Conference (ITC-26) & The 11th Asia Plasma and Fusion Association Conference(APFA-11)

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