Journal Article Small-scale production of 67Cu for a preclinical study via the 64Ni(α, p)67Cu channel

Ohya, Tomoyuki  ,  Ming-Rong, Zhang  ,  Nagatsu, Kotaro  ,  Fukada, Masami  ,  Hanyu, Masayuki  ,  Suzuki, Hisashi  ,  Minegishi, Katsuyuki

59pp.56 - 60 , 2018-04 , Elsevier
Introduction: Copper-67 is an attractive beta emitter for targeted radionuclide therapy. However, the availability of 67Cu limits its potential use in a wide range of applications. In this study, we propose an easy small-scale production of 67Cu using 64Ni target for a preclinical study. Methods: 67Cu was produced from an electrodeposited 64Ni target via the 64Ni(α, p)67Cu-reaction with a 36 MeV alpha beam at 15 eμA (electrical microampere) conducted for 7 h. The chemical separation process of 67Cu from the 64Ni target was performed following by our routine procedure of 64Cu production using cation exchange resin, AG50W-X8, with minor modification. The target and its holder were redesigned in the preparation.Results: The 67Cu product was obtained with a yield of 55 ± 10 MBq at the end of bombardment (EOB), and the yield was 527 ± 96 kBq/μAh at the EOB. The copper impurity in the product was low (0.71 ± 0.21 μg) and the product was suitable for a preclinical study.Conclusions: We produced 67Cu with sufficient activity and quality for a preclinical study using a 64Ni-target. This production method also showed advantages as a routine method, i.e., shorten the processing time, reducing the radiation exposure and ready target recycling, when compared with that of a conventional Zn-target used for 67Cu production.

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