Journal Article Pre-assembly and dimensional inspection at factory of JT-60SA Cryostat Vessel Body Cylindrical Section

Cabrera, Santiago  ,  Medrano, Mercedes  ,  Alonso, Javier  ,  José, Botija  ,  Pilar, Fernández  ,  Ramos, Francisco  ,  Rincon, Esther  ,  Soleto, Alfonso  ,  Cardella, Antonino  ,  Lo Bue, Alessandro  ,  Poncet, Lionel  ,  Luis, Álvarez  ,  Álvaro, García  ,  Masaki, Kei  ,  Shibama, Yusuke  ,  Sakasai, Akira

124pp.537 - 541 , 2018-05 , Elsevier
tThe superconducting tokamak JT-60SA is currently being assembled at the QST laboratories in Naka(Japan). Within the European contribution in the framework of the Broder Approach, Spain is responsiblefor providing JT-60SA cryostat. It is a stainless steel vacuum vessel which encloses the tokamak providingthe vacuum environment. Due to functional purposes, the cryostat was divided into three large assem-blies: the Cryostat Base, the Cryostat Vessel Body Cylindrical Section and the Top Lid. The second is anenvelope made from SS304 that will be assembled by mechanical connection between the individualsectors. As part of the manufacturing process, dimensional inspections are carried out by laser tracker tocheck the tolerances of the pieces. Due to the high mechanical flexibility of the sectors, the way to sup-port the pieces resulted very critical for the inspections as it was predicted by FEA carried out. The papersummarizes the measurement procedure for the dimensional inspections as well as the pre-assemblyprocedure of the whole component.

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