Journal Article Demonstration of synchronous control of EC TL switch and gyrotron for ITER EC system

小田, 靖久  ,  大島, 克己  ,  林, 一生  ,  池田, 亮介  ,  高橋, 幸司  ,  坂本, 慶司  ,  Gandini, Franco  ,  Purohit, Dharmesh  ,  Yonekawa, Izuru  ,  Omori, Toshimichi  ,  Darbos, Caroline  ,  Henderson, Mark

The ITER EC system includes both an equatorial port launcher and upper port launchers as RF power injection devices, The waveguide switch in the transmission line (TL) is used to select the operating launcher. Its operation is required even during plasma operation, primarily for the mid-pulse switch operation. Changing the waveguide switch requires that the gyrotron stop RF power during the switch operation since the direction is changed by mechanical movement of the mirror position which takes a few seconds. Since the ITER EC system is based on a multi-subsystem concept, each subsystem has its own subsystem control unit (SCU). The EC main controller supervises all subsystem controllers. Hence, cooperative operation requires the sharing of the information of both RF power status and switch status between the gyrotron SCU and TL SCU via the main controller. Since the design of the inter-subsystem control scheme is a key issue for ITER EC system control, its evaluation is required. At QST, the gyrotron and ITER-relevant TL test stand were utilized for demonstration of mid-pulse switch operation. For this purpose, SCUs for each subsystem and the main controller were developed using the ITER-relevant control system. The operation of the mechanical switch during gyrotron pulse was demonstrated. During the 150 s operation of the high power gyrotron at 400 kW level, the waveguide switch in the TL was operated to change the direction of RF power. The time duration for the switch operation with inter-subsystem control scheme took 1.5 s in total. The synchronizing of RF power suspend and resume with switch motion has therefore been realized, and RF power direction control during the gyrotron operation was successfully demonstrated.

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