Presentation Fast Ion Dynamics in Tokamak Plasmas Subject to Pressure- and Current-Driven Instabilities

ビアワーゲ, アンドレアス  ,  相羽, 信行  ,  松山, 顕之  ,  篠原, 孝司  ,  矢木, 雅敏

Focusing on long-wavelength modes with toroidal mode numbers n=1-4, thehybrid code MEGA was used to simulate the effect of MHD waves and reconnecting instabilities on energetic particles in beam-driven tokamak plasmas. The transport of fast ions is analyzed in detail. For instance, it is shown that the existence, location and width of magnetic islands can be irrelevant for the fast ions when magnetic drifts are large.
MHD 理論関連の研究会(NIFS 共同研究(研究会))

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